Symposium Aerial Futures in Venice



Seminar at the Univeristy of Applied Science in Amsterdam, The Netherlands



Büro für MEHR unveils vision for UK airports utilising DTA technology (July, 2013)

The Submission has been made available online



Excerpts of  an interview taken at AirRail 2012 in Stockholm, Sweden. (May, 2012)


Drive Through Airport has been published in

– leading Dutch science magazine Quest September 2012

Wired Germany 02/2012

– leading Italian science and tech magazine Focus 239 — Settembre 2012


Drive Through Airport has been presented at the following events:



–  PTE Conference Passenger Terminal Expo 2012 in Vienna, Austria.
The world’s leading international airport terminal conference and exhibition

–  AirRail Conference  2012 in Stockholm, Sweden.
The Future of AirRail – Innovations

–  airportNEXT! 2012 Symposium in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Co-Creation in Sustainability and Innovation

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